8 stages of dating

Your mom asks for photos, and grills you on getting his last name/social security number.

You slowly start remembering that story you saw on the news where a girl was murdered after a Tinder date gone wrong. Besides, your only intention is to make sure he's not married/psychotic.

Because what says "Hey I might like you," like ignoring someone for two days??

Making just a slight effort can make all the difference, and at the very least give you a good story. Meeting people IRL is scary, and can make even the strongest person nervous AF.

Finding a cute guy on Tinder usually leads to one of the following: a total dud of a conversation (that often starts with "sup") or an exchange SO STRANGE that you screenshot it and send it to all your friends. It's sad, really, that an app made with the intention of bringing people together is one of the sole things that's driving us apart.

But that's the world we live in right now — unless we decide to change our minds.

My friend once swiped left so many times that the app literally told her she was out of nos.

If that doesn't depress you a little, I don't know what will. I'm sure there are a few decent guys who are genuinely looking for love sprinkled among all the Tinder fuckery currently available, but they are so rare that I don't think I'd believe them even if fate made me swipe right.

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