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There are also rainforest reserves crammed full of tropical biodiversity.The beach resorts stretching along the south coast offer the opportunity to dive, snorkel and relax at reasonable prices.Volunteers in Sri Lanka have been contributing to worthwhile and constructive projects for over 8 years.Projects Abroad’s volunteer work in Sri Lanka supports numerous worthwhile placements which, while they may be challenging, give volunteers in Sri Lanka the opportunity to learn about the real world and themselves while making a useful and positive contribution to a worthy community setting.Like most capitals, Colombo can be hectic, but it's full of heritage.You may want to visit the mass of Hindu temples across the city, but equally you'll gain a flavour of Sri Lankan life simply by strolling through its modern avenues and narrow, crooked streets.Competent Authority for issuing Sri Lankan visas is the Department of Immigration and Emigration.

Sri Lanka's national parks include safari parks where you can spot leopards and elephants, or visit wetland sanctuaries that are particularly good for bird-watching.

All volunteers work in government hospitals alongside local staff.

School Sports Volunteer in Sri Lanka and teach sports to enthusiastic students who currently do not have access to a developed sports education.

You will be amazed at the range of fresh fruit and vegetables available and don't forget to try some of the fresh fish, straight out of the boat. Whether you are talking to an orange-robed Buddhist monk or a young school student they will want to find out what you think of their heroes and which team you support.

Sri Lanka provides many opportunities in a small space.

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Our interns come equipped with skills and expertise from around the world to help companies grow and reach out to new markets.

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