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She got some hate, but told those with objections to “leave me alone – let me Beyoncé in peace.” And the best was yet to come.

Two weeks later, Angel, a business management student at New York’s Berkeley College, had more to add to the story.

They have been known to even appear in churches, not to burn them down but to praise their hidden inner goodness.

This breed is called Christian emo, and yes, they exist.

However, emo girls are difficult to get, as it takes time and patience.

Now she’s my bitch 😌” Angel has now removed the original viral tweets, explaining: “I had to delete that; my mentions were in shambles.Quote-tweeting her last post on the subject, she surprised followers with a brilliant development: “UPDATE: We’re dating now.” The tweet garnered 332,000 retweets and likes, spreading through the internet like an infectious smile.The clues were there on the day the women took their revenge, when Angel tweeted to defend the other woman’s appearance, saying “she’s fine af 😂”.To tell the difference between a emo girl and a poser, you must know these facts: Her mascara is bought in bulk, wrist cut lines run across the street and not down the river (applies only to mean emos), she does not own any Hannah Montana pajamas, bathrobes or comforter sets, and her angst is not primarily directed at the latest Gossip Girl episode but rather at softer targets like her parents and her upbringing.If she does not fit this description, she's a poser, plain and simple. Depending on the girl's social life, emo girls are either solitary or in a group of girls.

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