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You could use a webhook to save valuable information in a database, visualize data being read from a sensor, send the latest weather report to your device, trigger a payment, send a text message, and so much more!

The request sent by the webhook can include information about the event, such as its name as well as any data included when the event was published.

Once you've created the channel, you will need to note the Channel ID as well as your Write API key to use for creating the Particle webhook. If you have created any webhooks in the past, they will appear here.

Click on "New Integration" - event from a Particle device, that will publish temperature data to your Thing Speak channel.

Your random temperature graph should look something like this: Temperature data from your device being graphed in real-time! You've created a webhook successfully and gotten data from your connected device into another service. To edit a webhook, scroll to the bottom of any webhook page, and press the edit button.

You will be presented with a form, containing the same inputs as the ' Create webhook' page.

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