Who is luke conard dating

It's actually sad, remembering all the vlogmas memory.

Ingrid and Luke met each other first time when it was a kind of gathering of youtube people, like Luke's mention in one of his video talking about how they met.

Yeah, Luke actually started youtube by his music videos.

This is a slash of You Tubers Luke Conard and Joey Graceffa. Just thought 'Hey if they were this might be how it would go' I think I made them more 'gay-like' than they really are. I had to claw at his hands to get them off of my back. She agreed to fake this dating thing so I could try and hide better. Then he asks in a sleepy, husky voice, "Are you gunna sleep too? and we would be in the same bed," I manage to get that much out.

According to what Luke has said on his vyou channel regarding Kristina it definitely seems like they are still dating, but no one knows for sure since they are more private about it now.

"I really have to piss," I shout out the first thing I can thing of and run off to my bathroom. Luke's POV:"I really have to piss," Joey says, running off to his bathroom. " I asked, I know Joey sleeps shirtless and sometimes only in his boxers. Sleep in only my boxers, and I don't think I could handle that. The one I have had a crush on for the longest time. I guess it was okay though because he hasn't said anything about it. Today had been a long day, I went jogging earlier and I had been writing and recording a new song. " I ask him, curious as to what he was going to say."Well," he starts out, "I sleep in my boxers too.

I curl up against the door and lock it, in case Luke tries to come in. I figure I need to shut the still open front door because its really hot out, even for sunset. I thought he would stop being my friend or something, that's why he jumped up like that. But I don't think I have the strength to get out of these skinny jeans," he finishes quietly. Once I had those off, I took my own shirt and pants off and chunked them towards the bathroom, where there is a hamper.

EDIT: On twitter on the 14th of July 2011, Luke's friend and bandmate Jason Munday stated "luke doesn't have a girlfriend, but if you mean kristina, no she's not able to join us on tour." As far as I know they are still dating, they just aren't as public about it as they used to be a few years ago when they started the all caps band channel.

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'' But then I wonder if he's sick, and I decide to go check on him."Hey dude, you okay in there? " I call out hoping for him to repeat himself."I said, yeah. That, probably, and of the events that took place in the bathroom. I tried to get my shirt off but I was just too tired. I went to sleep that night still thinking of what exactly just happened today.

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