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As the crowd sensed royalty in its midst, Lennon was persuaded to sing, and by the time the Smothers Brothers hit the stage, he was too drunk to stop. But when Sammy returned and angrily requested she follow him, Grier fled to the bathroom.

An acquaintance told him to cut it out because it was rude, and Lennon replied, “I don’t give a f – – -.” When the manager asked Lennon, who had taken to banging on the table, to leave, fists flew. Altovise then distracted him while Minnelli and her husband laid Grier down in the back seat of their Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce, and threw Minnelli’s full-length sable coat over her so Sammy wouldn’t see.

“If you don’t commit to me today, I’m getting married at 2 this afternoon.

She’s a converted Muslim, and she’s been prepared for me,” he said, adding, “once you become Muslim, you might appreciate another wife.” A stunned Grier turned him down, and Abdul-Jabbar was married that day while his mother, who was not allowed in the mosque due to her Catholicism, waited in the car.

The rape left her a quiet child, scared of people and afflicted with a stutter.

Her salvation was the horses on her grandparents’ Wyoming farm.

She was soon sent to audition for a producer named Roger Corman, who was making films on the cheap in the Philippines. The usual.” Despite having never read a script or acted, she was cast in “The Big Doll House,” and was soon off to Manila to play a “tough-talking bisexual prostitute named Grear” whose wardrobe consisted of one long T-shirt.

“The Big Doll House” led to “Women in Cages,” which was filmed in a mountain city called Baguio where “leeches, protozoa, and parasites feasted on our naked flesh.” Grier’s career in the genre that would come to be known as “blaxploitation” was off to a creepy, crawly, and rapidly successful start.

Bonding over martial arts, they watched “The Seven Samurai” together over a dozen times, and fell in love.

Then perhaps her partner might be sneaking off for a quick pre-coitus snort? “I am dating Richard Pryor.” Of all the surprises in “Foxy,” a memoir from the Afro’d goddess of blaxploitation, “a chick with drive who don’t take no jive!

” as one tagline put it, the biggest is that Grier is endearingly innocent.

In 1974, Grier met John Lennon when, after the Academy Awards, she was invited to accompany the Beatle — who was separated from Yoko Ono at the time — to see the Smothers Brothers at the infamous Los Angeles club the Troubadour.

Lennon knocked back drinks at the packed club as, increasingly slurring and glassy-eyed, he told Grier how much he missed Ono. “It’s nothing.” “Don’t take it seriously,” added Minnelli.

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One clueless crew member, clearly devoid of this knowledge, “popped him on the flank with a towel,” causing the horse to take off with Grier on his back, “like he’d had a kick from Satan himself.” Grier feared for her life as Donatello galloped onto a neighboring film set, right toward — and then through — a backdrop painted like an ocean liner. ’ ” That director was Federico Fellini, who helped her up, invited her to lunch, and, as he taught her to cook Italian red sauce, unsuccessfully tried to convince her to move to Italy and become his new leading lady.

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